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Bronze Statues

Cresco's Bronze Statues

Cresco is young at heart.

And all around town you'll find proof. Poised on the Main Street Boulevard, perched in front of the schools and positioned at entrances of churches, business and public buildings are over thirty bronze statues - each one a testament to childhood's simple joys.  At the entrance to the Nature Center a little boy proudly holds up the fish he just caught. In front of Crestwood Elementary four kids and their sassy pup play a game of balance on a log. A boy races down Elm Street on his tricycle, his sister along for the ride. Like the best games of Eye Spy, these bronze statues surprise you around many corners and bring a smile to your face.  Stop in at the Howard County Economic Development & Tourism office for a map of all the sculpture locations or just go about your business and let the public art add a cheerful skip to your step!
In 2006, spurred by discussions of main street renovation, Dale Turnmire and his wife Mary Ellen spearheaded an effort to enhance Cresco's public spaces in a new and different way.  Recently inspired by foundries in Sante Fe and anxious to give back to their hometown, the Turnmires pursued the installation of several bronze sculptures along the town's primary roads.
It didn't take long for people to get excited about the new works of art. Groups, individuals, businesses and entire alumni classes contacted the Turnmires to inquire about ordering a sculpture.  Local businesses helped to make the sculptures financially feasible. Louie Balk Lime & Ready-Mix and L&S Masonry fully donated their services to create the heavy base needed for the sculptures, Holstrom Jewelry donated each bronze plaque and Ace Hardware furnished the necessary equipment for every installation free of charge.  It was the time, resources and cooperation of these local businesses, the Turnmires' vision and willingness to coordinate the entire process and the local residents' enthusiasm to not only participate in sculpture selection, but to pay for them that make this project such a success.  Not only do these sculptures reveal Cresco's heart, small town values and spirit of youth, they are a true symbol of the city's maturity and commitment to betterment of the whole.

More statues are planned for Cresco and other communities in Howard County are excited to start their own collections. The sculptures are quickly becoming a countywide tradition!  

Find out more at the Howard County Business & Tourism office located across from Beadle Park at 101 2nd Ave SW, Cresco.

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