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26223 Harding Rd., Clermont, IA 52135

Montauk was built in 1874 on a hill overlooking the community of Clermont, Iowa for William and Anna Larrabee. Donated to the state in 1976, Montauk is exceptional in its comprehensive collection and is meticulous cared for. The home and expansive grounds are truly an opportunity to go back in time. Furnished and arranged with all of the Larrabee family's belongings this estate is a rare window to the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

William Larrabee, governor of Iowa from 1886 to 1890, is often cited for his influential philosophy about railroad regulation. Learn more about William, his wife Anna, their seven children and the social structure that ruled their daily agendas as you tour the public and private quarters of Montauk. Slide your hand along the grand walnut banister, listen to the delicate tune of the Swiss-made music box and imagine the aroma of Sunday's evening meal: baked beans and codfish. Discover why William's portraits are always of his left side, why every room has two exits and why daughter Augusta's wedding gifts lay untouched and forgotten in Montauk's attic for decades.

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