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Stone Man

1 mile N. of Fayette on Hwy. 93 and 1 mile N. on M Ave., Fayette, IA 52142
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Stone Man

The Stoneman is a weathered, granite, glacial erratic who came to Fayette County over 500,000 years ago in a glacier. Levern and Jo Ellen Knight (local Fayette historians) have put together a "Stone Man Story". They say that Levern's father Milo Knight grew up on a farm that was settled by Janes Osborne. The story goes............."In 1883, when James Osborne was stetching fence between his land and what was later the Frank Davis farm, he found a large granite boulder that resembled a man." It was located along an old stage coach trail which was called the Mission Road. It marked the boundary of the "Neutral Territory", a reserve area that had been set aside by the U.S. government to separate the peaceful Winnebago Indians from the Sioux and Fox tribes to the north and south. One theory is that the U.S. military might have put it there as a marker to let settlers traveling along the Mission Rd. know that they were traveling along the boundary of the Neutral Territory.

During the late 1800s until the 1920s, it was located at the center of the intersection of 152nd St. and M Ave. It was a hub for activity, serving as a meeting place and directional marker. Families would meet there before going to church to leave a necktie or sunbonnet (letting those to follow know that they had been there). As the years went by, and automobile traffic grew, the Stone Man was moved to the edge of the road, eventually, ending up in the ditch on the west side of the road. Then, in 1929, a Fayette County Women's Club known as the Kil Kare Klub, engaged their husbands to build him a base and stand. As the years went by, he became more and more obscure because of road grading. In 1994, he was moved to the SE corner of the intersection. As you can see, his history is unique and full of stories. Stop at the Fayette County Tourism Center for more information (SW corner of the Jct. of Hwys. 150 and 93 in Fayette).

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