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Union Sunday School

26223 Harding Road, Clermont, IA 52135
Union Sunday School

A lot of history fits inside this small building.

At the east end of the sanctuary is a small, but important library. The 800 catalogued volumes stored in simple wood cupboards, constitute the very first library established west of the Mississippi River. At the west end of the sanctuary, stretching 22 feet side-to-side and 19 feet to the ceiling, is the largest, working, pneumatic, Kimball pipe organ documented in the United States. It was commissioned to be built in 1896, cost $3,000 and came with a five-year warranty. Even though the visible pipes are painted soft, muted colors and stenciled with delicate designs, the organ's presence is one of imposing architecture and expansive scale. The wide 27-note pedal means that even a long-legged musician has to be quick when sliding up and down the bench. Organists come from around the country to take a turn on this special instrument.

Check the Clermont Historical Society website to find scheduled organ recitals throughout the year. Call the Clermont Historical Society at 563-423-5561 or Wade Schott at Montauk 563-423-7173 to schedule a guided tour.

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